Musical Theatre and Dance became my freedom and expression. I started my journey and life in Gymnastics. I trained 5 times a week for 4 hours or more each day. I learnt many cool skills (I can still do a backflip!) and many values, such as discipline and hard work. At the age of 13, I decided to change direction. I found a love for dance (much later than most). At 15, I started ballet and the next thing I knew… I was doing every other style I could possibly get my hands on.

One day when I was tapping away on stage a teacher told me, “you need be performing on stage” and I believed her. That year, I joined Jam Academy in Marlow for 6th Form and trained in Musical Theatre and Dance, eventually receiving 3 Distinction Stars and lots of incredible skills within acting, singing, dance and music. You could say, I was in love with it all.

Next, I landed a place at Bird College, a well-renowned school for Musical Theatre and Dance. I trained (very intensely) for 3 years and was fortunate enough to level up my technique, knowledge and skills. University did not only teach me how to ‘perform’, but also many life skills – to remain creative, make your own individual decisions and to find fun and love in what you do every single day.

I have performed in a variety of places, across the UK and I hope to give the younger generation the same advice I had received from my teacher, to inspire them, highlight their talent and give them a space to experiment, create and learn about themselves. Creativity, expression and joy are a huge part of being human and I am incredibly grateful to be able to teach it.