Michelle Mellor

Founder and Principal

I started dancing as a hobby aged 5 at my local dance school in Reading. I remember my first class vividly, in fact, fittingly, it’s my very first memory. I didn’t want my mum to leave as I was shy, but the minute my teacher came and took my hand to skip in a circle, I was hooked and didn’t even notice my mum leave the room!

I took part in numerous performances and dance exams and this gave me the love, foundations and confidence to want to pursue dance as a career. I auditioned and was accepted to attend Laine Theatre Arts College in Epsom after leaving school; it was here that I was introduced to drama and discovered I had a singing voice too. I honed my skills and thrived on the competition provided by the amazing talent around me.

Whist in my first year, I was ‘over the moon’ to be chosen to perform as a featured dancer for The Royal Variety Performance at the Dominion Theatre, in the presence of HRH Prince Charles. During my training I went on to also complete two runs of Pantomime alongside Russ Abbot and Paul Barber – even getting to perform as Tinker Bell for a performance when the actress became ill!

After leaving College, I went straight into the Tour/Westend 70’s production of Oh! What A Night where I played the sub-lead part of ‘CAT’, the feisty diva who had to belt out songs such as Lady Marmalade and Carwash. This was where I met my now hubby!

After the show, I turned my attention to the commercial dance world. It was here that I felt most at home and was lucky enough to travel the world whilst performing with the likes of Destiny’s Child, Robbie Williams, Craig David, Wyclef Jean, Gabrielle and Ali G to name

but a few.

I also had a blast, dancing on the first ever Pop Idol Arena Tour featuring Will Young and Gareth Gates. I was delighted to be chosen to perform a small rap on my own each night to open the second half.

During this time I dabbled with a spot of modeling for companies such as Nike, Volkswagen and Coast Clothing. I was a featured singer on the late Errol Brown ‘Still Sexy’ album as well as a backing singer for McFly on the Paul O’Grady show.

After stopping work to start a family, I took on a few choreographic jobs and I discovered, and started teaching, Zumba. I searched for a local performing school to send my children to but sadly felt that none had everything I was looking for in a school, so I decided to start one myself. I would take all of my experiences and contacts and use them to give other children the same great start and introduction to the arts that I had.

I started as a shy child who’s mother just wanted her to have a hobby where she had fun and made new friends, and ended up in a career where I saw things, did things and met people more amazing than I could ever have dreamed of.

I’m still as enthusiastic as I was when I was performing, and all I now want is to pass that on, so that the next generation can have as much fun as I have had over the years.
I look forward to starting my next exciting journey with you. x