Contemporary, Acro and Modern Teacher

Dance has been my life since I was 3 and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I began
training and taking my exams in Ballet, Jazz and Tap at first and going to dance was
always the highlight of my week, I couldn’t get enough. I loved performing on stage and
learning new things and when I turned 12 I became an assistant teacher which planted
the seed for my love of teaching.

I went to Totnes School of Dance and was lucky enough to receive full time training
every day in preparation for my move to London! It was here that I discovered other
styles like Commercial, Contemporary and Modern and training in all these styles really
helped prepare me for my Vocational training.

At 18 I gained a place at The Creative Academy where I trained full time and acquired
my degree. I loved the preparation I got to become a dancer and a teacher and it really
taught me about dedication and hard work. I left Creative Academy with a First in my
BA (Hons) Degree and my DDI Modern qualification.

I performed after graduating in Bollywood and Contemporary companies and in short
films and adverts but I soon discovered that teaching was where my priorities lay.
I currently work full time as a dance teacher and wouldn’t change it for the world. I love
bringing my passion and knowledge to the students and really showing them that doing
what you love is possible. I am working towards my DDE Modern qualification and my
Acrobatic Arts qualification currently and cannot wait to keep expanding my knowledge
and learning.