Terms and Conditions

By enrolling yourself or your child at Mellor Performing Arts School (MPAS), you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions below.

How we work

  • Students can partake in 1 class with no obligation to join.
  • Students wishing to apply for a place at the school are asked to enrol online.
  • Once a place has been offered, a small non-refundable registration fee of £10 is payable online to secure your place.
  • Please make us aware of any changes of contact details in writing.
  • The student must notify MPAS with 2 weeks notice in writing, if wishing to cancel a class. Failure to do so will result in a 25% of fees fine

Behaviour / class rules

  • All students are expected to arrive on time for class.
  • We ask parents to bring and collect their children promptly and provide us with written details of changes in drop off/ pick up arrangements.
  • Students should attend all of their classes to ensure they get well rounded training.
  • Please make a courtesy call, text or email to let us know when a student will be absent from class.
  • Please bring water in a closed bottle to keep hydrated.
  • Please ensure students use the toilet prior to class to minimize disruption.
  • The correct uniform is to be worn by the student’s third class.
  • The correct uniform must be worn for each class and hair must be tied back. (Please see uniform list)
  • No loose jewellery is to be worn to class.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during class.
  • Please do not bring valuables; MPAS does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property left on the premises.
  • No chewing of gum in class
  • Students are expected to behave in a polite manner to teachers and peers at all times. This will ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone.
  • Bad behaviour will not be tolerated and in extreme cases will result in students being removed from the school.
  • Parents and students should be aware that due to the nature of dance it is necessary for the teachers to use physical contact when training dancers, for example to correct posture.


  • All fees are payable at the start of term with the exclusion of drop in classes. Late payment may result in the student being excluded from the class and their place being offered to someone else.
  • A 10% discount is offered to families whose siblings attend.
  • A 15% discount is offered for two different classes.
  • A 20% discount for 3 or more different classes
  • A 5% discount for successfully Enrolled Referral per family and not per class
  • £25 per class added to Show Term (Sept-Dec) Fees to contribute to costume purchase and alterations, venue hire and additional teaching times.
  • The school reserves the right to amend or alter fees and classes as and when necessary. In either case you will be notified in advance.
  • Should any student wish to discontinue any class or leave the school, refunds for any unused classes will not be given with the exception of a long term medical condition with a doctor’s note.
  • Should classes have to cancel due to circumstances out of the schools control such as extreme weather or crisis, fees will not be refunded, or compensation given.


  • The information you provide to Mellor Performing Arts School (MPAS) is for internal administration and marketing purposes only; it will not be shared to third parties.
  • Photographs and videos of classes and performances are regularly taken to assist in the teaching of classes and for promotional purposes. By enrolling, you consent to this. If you do not wish your child to be videoed or photographed, please inform MPAS in writing.